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Discuss Sony's new Piece of Shit Portable [entries|friends|calendar]

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new project [ ]

So Ive really let this community go. Its ok though. PSP is typically last place in the US. Japan is a little different but the DS is so entrenched there that it is tough to find someone who doesnt have one.

So while I have left livejournal a bit, I have not been lazy. Ive made a gaming news blog!


I would love everyone who is still alive to read this to go there and join up. Read, comment, whatever. Its still in the very early stages, but I have several posts already waiting to be read.
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[ ]

So its been a while.


I seriously dont know what to think anymore. The DS has been kicking its ass all over, during all the big buy seasons, in game selection, units sold, games sold ect ect

The thing just wont die though. I still see ads. I still hear talk about "that psp thing". Is the sony mystique so profound? We all know the thing sucks. We all know that it has literally no good games. UMD failed. Its used for what.... ZERO intended uses. I see ads now, touting its fatally flawed web browser. I suppose thats because Japan and importers just recieved the Ds opera browser and sony has ninty envy. By the way, im posting this via my ds. Be jeaous.

The ds is performing true to Nintendos stellar rep. Regularily competing with x360 on best buys top ten. The lite has sold so so well.... Look back at the damn gba. Yes the orig version was the sex. But it was the sp that took over the world. New colors are already coming and its only getting stronger.

PSP has loco roco.... A web browser with a nub for control... seriously what do people do on the mutherfucking thing? porn? is that it? do all the sexually frustrated 14 yr old dumbshits beg their daddys for this thing because they heard you can store porn on it?!

Thats about the only use i can think of.

Oh yeah DS took all top ten spots in japan. When the Wii hits, there will be no room for anything else. Sony just announce not only a eu delay on PS3 but launch day shortages. So they might still make launch with around 200k units in the two territories ALREADY OWNED by the competition. Cant wait to get me some of that hot sony stock ya hurrd?
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5 Pages on the "Death of the PSP" [ ]

Yup, we (the community) called it and DAMN does it feel good!
Read more...Collapse )
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[ ]
I'm not strong at religion but I know what we must "Prey" to! Did anybody play this game? I know that nobody. There will be armageddon in the supermarkets... http://game-era.com/preview/id/10
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MOD note [ ]

Ive just updated the cumunities info page a little. Added a few new things and whatnot. Dont worry, I still keep the spirit and insanity of the old page. Just a little more ranty, which I think we all need.

Personally, I still dont own a PSP and never plan on buying one. My NDS is treating me just fine with Metroid and Tetris, both of which I just bought this last week. Both of which simply rock. Metroid is great, but not really pick up and play (which we know is essential to portable gaming), but it still rocks. Best new FPS in a LONG time.

Now to tetris. This is really the subject of this post. I was wondering to myself if tetris wasnt the greatest game/franchise to hit a portable system in history. Think about it, Tetris really made the original Gameboy into what it was. Back in the day that game was IT. It was the cut. It was the stuff, the shit. It was what people talked about. My dad was into, and he was 40ish. I was into and I was about 11. My brother, sister, friends, were all into it.

And today, it is easily seen as the father of all puzzle games. Falling pieces that clear when positioned properly is a staple to really any puzzler. Tetris, imo, is the greatest puzzle game ever because every other puzzler is just a rehashed tetris. Meteos on the NDS is the only one that comes to mind that really sought to change and add different elements to it. The blocks dont automatically clear, though they still fall. There is much strategy and intrigue to meteos. But Im talking about tetris.

When I think about portable gaming and why I like to play it, I find myself revolving around this criteria.

Pick up and play. Number one, most important. My handheld games have to be quick instant gratification. Anything else is really for the console, where I can sit down and enjoy myself with a drink and play a session of Killer 7 or Metroid. However, handheld games must have lasting appeal. If I am getting bored then thats much worse than having alot of depth requiring me to take time to play.

If a portable game must have this element to it, then what game satisfies this better than tetris? I am not saying there arent better "games on portables", but not a better "portable game". Of course, Mario Kart was very good in this regard. A few touches and BAM! youre in the game racing. The racing is quick, fun, frantic at times... It is a quality portable game. I wonder which is better in those terms, Mario Kart or Tetris. As a franchise, they are both well established with Tetris simply having the strength of the ages giving it the edge. And for me, after I unlocked all the characters and all the karts and all the tracks, Mario Kart lost some appeal. Tetris is forever... lol.

I love games these days. They actually got me thinking about them again. So lets hear it, whats your best "portable game" of all time? The one you can pick up and put down in a second, but at the same time can waste away a few hours on for no particular reason.
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PSP Question [ ]

Does anyone own the 4gig PSP HDD? If you do has anyone had any problems saving games to it?
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Real cool dudes [ ]

What a bunch of losers hating on the PSP. To go into such depths as you idiots have to try to bash a game system is just flat out pathetic. Many of the "facts" you have listed under the info are actually bullshit. Let me ask you guys one thing. Hows the web browsing going on the DS? Online gameplay? PC conectivity? Video Viewing? MP3? GRAPHICS?

Have fun tapping your lame DS screen and screaming at your stupid virtual puppy.
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who wants NPD numbers? [ ]

October NPD Hardware Sales

PS2 = 252,000
GBA = 208,000 (approx)
DS = 136,000 (approx)
PSP = 131,000(approx)
Xbox = 110,000
GCN = 102,000

November NPD Hardware Sales

Game Boy Advance 892,438
PlayStation 2 546,096
Nintendo DS 381,619
PlayStation Portable 359,772
Xbox 360 332,121
GameCube 278,284
Xbox 191,320

Unfortunately the NPD has since withdrawn the November numbers as wrong.

But how wrong are they gonna be? wrong enough to put the PSP back on the list? The GBA numbers include GBMicro.
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japanese charts media create [ ]

November 14 - 20, 2005
Nintendo DS - 65,341
PSP - 58,898
PS2 - 21,102
Game Boy Micro - 9,140
Game Boy Advance SP - 6,822
GameCube - 5,661
Game Boy Advance - 249
Xbox - 141

PSP nearly doubled due to the GigaPack. DS still beat it down.

November 21 - 27, 2005
Nintendo DS - 132,012
PSP - 51,196
PS2 - 27,545
Game Boy Micro - 7,594
Game Boy Advance SP - 5,709
GameCube - 5,130
Game Boy Advance - 241
Xbox - 128

Animal Crossing gave DS its biggest week since jump superstars.

November 21 - 27, 2005
1. 325,466 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)
2. 122,322 - Naruto 4 (GC)
3. 107,099 - Mega Man Battle Network 6: Grega Version (GBA)
4. 106,920 - Soul Calibur III (PS2)
5. 85,487 - Ratchet: Deadlocked (PS2)
6. 65,560 - Mega Man Battle Network 6: Faltzer Version (GBA)
7. 57,143 - Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon: Red Rescue Force (GBA)
8. 52,547 - Ikusagami (PS2)
9. 50,309 - Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon: Blue Rescue Force (DS)
10. 42,427 - Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Federation vs. Z.A.F.T. (PS2)

an early xmas present for my peepsCollapse )
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October 2005. Just a little late. [ ]

Well, some bad news, worse news, and good news concerning the month of October.

Bad news is sales were down 24% compared to Oct. 04.

Worse news, according to gamespot.com, the DS had no top 10 games.

The good news is the PSP only had one. The Game Cube had one, and the PS2 took 8, including first and second.

GTA: Liberty City Stories took third place (sorry, couldn't find any figures. I'll look some more and post them if I find any). But, according to the article, GTA:LCS accounted for only 4% of the month's sales.

1- SOCOM 3 (PS2)
2- NBA Live 06 (PS2)
3- Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PSP)
4- Madden NFL 06 (PS2)
5- Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (PS2)
6- Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (GCN)
7- FIFA Soccer 06 (PS2)
8- Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (PS2)
9- The Warriors (PS2)
10- Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

Sources: gamespot.com twice
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Its a Celebration! [ ]

This is a moderators note of official community business.

So Ive been away from da net for a while. Moved and such and its gonna be a while before I can get set up fully. I feel like a bad father neglecting my kids with this community. The DS is spanking the PSP in ALL MARKETS and we havent had a real good mudsling in a while.


The gaming population, the general population, the entire world has turned its back on the PSP. In the midst of GTAs release, the DS still owns. And yet, weve had no celebration for our handheld!

So Ive decided this: RED EYED YOSHI is now a full maintaner with the full rights and priveledges accorded to the station. He is my partner in crime. He speaks with my voice. He weilds the power of the greyskull. He rolls on my dubs. He follows in my footsteps. He slaps with my pimphand. He fucks with my di- er nevermind... But you get the idea. He can delete shit now. Posts, comments, even users, he can give and deny posting priveledges to anyone, even me. There are few people that I would dare trust this community with and Yosh is by far and away at the top of the list.

So eat, drink, be merry!! Its a celebration!

Both for Yosh (he is becoming a major fixture in the lj gaming world) and for the DS.

But what would a post from me be without a little knowledge, huh?

The PSP launched in Europe and Britain to great fanfare and crazyness. It out-did the DS launch which was, at the time, the most successful video game launch, Period. The PSP sold out. It looked like another hard battle for the DS to me. I thought to myself: Well, lets see what happens over there. US has turned the DSs way, Japan is owned by the DS, will EU follow suit?

That was in September, right?


Look at this:

October 6-13:
NDS: 24,492
PSP: 18,723
GBA SP: 8,799

October 14-21:
DS: 23,035
GBA SP: 10,034
PSP: 8,000

October 22-29:
NDS: 30,000
GBA SP: 15,500
PSP: 12,900

Sometime two weeks ago or something:

NDS: 35,000
GBA SP + GBM: 25,000
PSP: 16,000


Thus begins a new era of our community.
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[Charts] DS Retakes PSP In Total Software Sales (excerpts) [ ]

The NPD gaming sales numbers for the United States in September 2005 are in!

PlayStation 2 was the top system with 268,000 sales, with the Xbox in second with 124,000. While in third, the GameCube saw a boost in sales (compared to previous months) to 108,000 units thanks to a new Super Smash Bros. Melee bundle and games like Mario Superstar Baseball. Furthermore, the GBA racked up 185,000 sales, while the DS saw 164,000 sales; it's unclear whether the GBA number includes Game Boy Micro sales, and PSP sales are currently unavailable.


The Handheld Top Five

1. Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends (DS) - 85,117
2. Madden NFL 2006 (PSP) - 82,527
3. Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends (DS) - 81,810
4. Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends (DS) - 73,711
5. Pokemon Emerald (GBA) - 68,490

Overall, Nintendo sold 11.7% of all games during September, while Sony sold 4.7% of games. Microsoft was not ranked in the top ten.

Back in August, we reported that the PSP had passed the DS in total software sales in North America. However, September 2005 saw the DS retaking the lead, with 4,663,371 total sales to the PSP's 4,656,258.

Barring a huge boost by the PSP this month, it looks like DS is still ahead of PSP in hardware sales as well.


Last time I recall that they didnt have available numbers for a console. It was during the DSs drought months when it sold like 12 units total or something. Thats good new to my ears, the PSP numbers have done nothing but drop since its launch so Id say its a fairly easy call that the DS beat the snot out of it thanks to Nintendogs and AWDS.

However, in overall software sales both systems are pretty much neck and neck. That will change when Mario Kart hits, as well as the other AAA titles that are coming. Oh and thats right, GBA is still the king of handhelds. Nintendo aint nothing to fuck with.
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Games [ ]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys, I just got my system the other day (it's awesome!), and I was wondering what games you could recommend to me. I heard that Lumines was really good, but I don't know if it will last me long enough. I really liked THUG2 on my PC, and that may be good. Burnout, though I hear is good, but I have never played a Burnout game. Could someone help me? Thanks!

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i didnt write it, wish i did though. [ ]
I really didn't get in to the PSP that much. Just saw a friend playing N4S:Underground On it. Honestly I was amazed with the Graphics. But i was amazed for like 5 min.

I owned Game Boy. Since i was 9. Then a game boy Pocket. Then color. then Advance. That when Both DS and PSP came out. Now you tell me. which one i would get.... I don't think Sony Have any Experience in Handheld. Now i am 19. I am for Sure Getting a DS. I will buy it and i will be pretty sure that i will Enjoy it just like i enjoyed All of my other systems(GB,GBP,GBC,GBA).
On the other hand with the PSP. i feel like i am just a person that is testing and helping Sony to know if they did a good job on the PSP or not. Just not worth it.

An MP3 Player?. Get one for 30$ or something. and for the DVD player, I would rather pop some popcorn and sit on a comfy chair and Watch The Same Movie On a 27" Screen With a better Picture Quality.

And the other thing is the Price. Let me Tell you.
Sony PSP = $250

Same as:
DS = $130
Game = $30-40
DVD Player = $40
21" TV = $40
Pop Corn, 12 Pack Of Pepsi or something = $10
Total = $250-$260

See Isn't That better. Now that was the Price of the PSP alone. If we add the price of the Mem Stick, Game, a Bag to Carry it around so you wouldn't Get the Screen Damaged "By the Way My friend's PSP having its screen replaced because he left it in this bag without any cover on it :D". You can Actually Save some money and get The Comfy Chair to sit on. OR GET A GAME CUBE WITH ANOTHER GAME.

Man, It wouldn't need a Micro/Marco economic professional to figure this out.



btw, this is your mod.
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Do we have a fight yet? No, I dont think we do... well maybe... [ ]


Ok OKOKOKOKOKOKOK, whew so I havent made one of these in a while. Been reporting the same shit everyweek and honestly, this bitch got bored. So I waited for some news and oh boy do we ever have news!

OK I gotta just SHOW you this:
September 12 - 18, 2005Collapse )
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the micro outsells the psp and sony is going to die [ ]

hehehehe. bye bye, sony!
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This is how is begins. [ ]

TOKYO, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Struggling electronics and entertainment conglomerate Sony Corp. (6758.T: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Thursday it would cut about 7 percent of its global work force, sell more than $1 billion in assets and post a loss this year.

With a restructuring plan that failed to excite some analysts, Sony hopes to reverse its fading fortunes and catch up with rivals such as Matsushita Electric Industrial (6752.T: Quote, Profile, Research) and Sharp Corp. (6753.T: Quote, Profile, Research) in flat TVs and Apple Computer (AAPL.O: Quote, Profile, Research) and its popular iPod player in the portable music industry.

The inventor of the Trinitron TV and Walkman cassette player said it would book 210 billion yen ($1.9 billion) in restructuring charges in the two business years through March 2007 as it closes plants and slashes 10,000 jobs.

The RestCollapse )
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[ ]


Gee, this sure looks familiar... as it someone took all these wars going on in the world, and advanceing them...
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lol [ ]

World Series of Poker is available for the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system, Xbox(R) video game system from Microsoft and the Nintendo GameCube(TM), for the suggested retail price of $29.99. The PSP(TM) (PlayStation(R)Portable) system version carries a suggested retail price of $39.99 and The PC version carries a suggested retail price of $19.99. All versions of the game will be available in September 2005 and have been rated "E10 " by the ESRB.


In Japan:

August 29 - September 4, 2005
Nintendo DS - 58,579
PS2 - 26,282
PSP - 22,610
Game Boy Advance SP - 11,081
GameCube - 2,388
Game Boy Advance - 538
Xbox - 198

And thats about 3 weeks after the Jump Superstars explosion. NDS is taxin that ass.
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psp's game of the month [ ]


psp's game of the month on ign was Namco Museum Battle Collection. enough said.
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