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Do we have a fight yet? No, I dont think we do... well maybe...


Ok OKOKOKOKOKOKOK, whew so I havent made one of these in a while. Been reporting the same shit everyweek and honestly, this bitch got bored. So I waited for some news and oh boy do we ever have news!

OK I gotta just SHOW you this:

September 12 - 18, 2005
Game Boy Micro - 170,306
Nintendo DS - 72,167
PSP - 70,152
PS2 - 24,396
Game Boy Advance SP - 11,147
GameCube - 1,882
Game Boy Advance - 624
Xbox - 109

HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THOSE NUMBERS!! GBMicro makes a huge splash, DS takes a sweet upswing (even up from its recent good fortunes), and the PSP fights back!!

GBASP and the rest pretty much stay put. But man! What week for debuts huh? Lets break it down.

GBMicro, the new, super small, sleek, bright, customizable handheld does a prize winning cannonball in japan. 170k is nothing to sniff at, and while it may or may not last, you better believe Nintendo is loving it. I dont know how much they are selling those things for but I garuntee you it costs me more to pop popcorn than it does for them to make the GBMicro (relatively speaking of course). Nintendo is going to make a buttload of money off of this little wonder whether it sold or not, and oh boy did it sell.


With Sony sucking and floundering as can be seen in the last two posts on the page, they finally do something smart and release a new color, White. I must admit, as much as I hate the PSP in particular and Sony in general, this color looks good. Really good. Im not surprised that the PSP made a bigger splash this week due to it because if you look at the history of the DS, colors make a difference. Every time the DS make advances in sales it was due to two reasons, colors & games. But fear not PSP Haters like me, there is a silver lining to this storm (actually two but we are coming to that)...

As far as I know, they are still selling the unit at a $90 loss. How do you like them apples Sony? Anymore job cuts? Bitches.

The Nintendo DS

Can anything stop it? Yeah the GBMicro beat everyone and their mother with their micro sized dick (thats still bigger than ken kutaragis), but holy shit the PSP sold 70k and still got beat. Allow me to reiterate:

The PSP Sold Better Than Seventy Thousand Units And Still Got Beat

HOW! howhowhowhow! How is this possible? Were there new colors for the DS as well? No I dont think so... Software? Oh you bet your monkey lovin ass there was...

TOP 10 Weekly Software Sales (September 12 - September 18, 2005)

1 PS2 Dynasty Warriors 5: Mosho Den (incl. Limited Edition)      203,107
2 GBA Famicom Mini: Super Mario Bros. (20th Anniversary version) 187,386
3 DS  Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop!                        150,072
4 PSP World Soccer Winning Eleven 9: Ubiquitous Evolution        106,882
5 GBA Super Robot Wars J                                          95,443
6 DS  Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (incl. Limited Edition)        64,570
7 GBA Dr. Mario & Puzzle League                                   53,036
8 DS  DS Training For Adults: Work Your Brain                     36,704
9 GBA Mario Tennis Advance                                        36,704
10 DS Gentle Brain Exercises                                      23,619

What a sight, 9 out of the top ten titles are handheld titles. Four for the NDS, four for the GBA Line (no longer just Advanced and SP), one title for the PSP. Wowie wow wow wow.

The GBA Line especially did extremely well. No doubt the new hardware pushed many titles, but the new software made some great showings. However we were discussing the NDS. Its easy to see how the GBA Line would pick up what with the new hardware and several new games out... The PSP is a good bet to rise with the new colors plus the Soccer game... But the Ds just had two new games.

Looks like Tomagotchi is the next in line for the DSs hard selling killer Apps. Like Nintendogs and Jump! Superstars and even SM64DS it makes a huge splash. Undoubtably this game sold systems. There is no other explaination for the rise in DS hardware. Well other than the PSP sucks ass even if its white. Its just a cuter ass sucking than normal.

Phoenix Wright also makes a great debut. This game I could see maybe becoming like the two Brain Exercises games. These two games as we see have staying power. Nothing ever seems to knock them out for long. Sure they dip down below the top ten line, but always seem to pop back up for a while. If Phoenix Wright can provide something akin to these games, a different sort of challenge, we may see it gain some staying power as well.

All in all, the industry did better than 300% than last week and 150% better than the average. Japan stagnated for a while, but we can see that new options and new experiences bring new growth to the region. With the new home consoles on the horizon we may see Japan make a comeback in terms of market share. What a week to be into handhelds. The PSP is showing signs of life, which is interesting to be sure. However the DS and GBA arent gonna just let it stand up unanswered either.

Folks, we may just have a console war yet.


Out of the Top 50

NDS 12

Nearly all the rest were PS2. Sony always says they make more money on the games... But I guess the losses in the other divisions and the hardware losses on the PSP are catching up to them. I hope they crash and burn and are never seen again.
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