noodle_illness (noodle_illness) wrote in psp_sony,

5 Pages on the "Death of the PSP"
Yup, we (the community) called it and DAMN does it feel good!

Basically what has been said on this community for more than a year and a half... has come into the light for all to realize how blind they once were and to bask in our glory for knowing it all along from the start. I mean, it was only a year ago when we were the "idiots", or the "fanboys" for liking the "Virtual Boy 2.0". We knew it wasnt true! We just found quality when everyone else was too busy to get lost in Sony's bullshit. Recently, Sony has just been fucking up all too much (and this goes beyond the PSP)...their pricing of the PS3, their pussying out into using a controller that is about a decade old, and their shameless copying of Nintendo by putting motion sensing in their controller at the last minute before E3.
For sticking by the DS and shunning the PSP, we have all claimed the right to say "I told you so". Now, give yourselves a pat on the back because you deserve it!
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