technorchid (technorchid) wrote in psp_sony,

i didnt write it, wish i did though.

I really didn't get in to the PSP that much. Just saw a friend playing N4S:Underground On it. Honestly I was amazed with the Graphics. But i was amazed for like 5 min.

I owned Game Boy. Since i was 9. Then a game boy Pocket. Then color. then Advance. That when Both DS and PSP came out. Now you tell me. which one i would get.... I don't think Sony Have any Experience in Handheld. Now i am 19. I am for Sure Getting a DS. I will buy it and i will be pretty sure that i will Enjoy it just like i enjoyed All of my other systems(GB,GBP,GBC,GBA).
On the other hand with the PSP. i feel like i am just a person that is testing and helping Sony to know if they did a good job on the PSP or not. Just not worth it.

An MP3 Player?. Get one for 30$ or something. and for the DVD player, I would rather pop some popcorn and sit on a comfy chair and Watch The Same Movie On a 27" Screen With a better Picture Quality.

And the other thing is the Price. Let me Tell you.
Sony PSP = $250

Same as:
DS = $130
Game = $30-40
DVD Player = $40
21" TV = $40
Pop Corn, 12 Pack Of Pepsi or something = $10
Total = $250-$260

See Isn't That better. Now that was the Price of the PSP alone. If we add the price of the Mem Stick, Game, a Bag to Carry it around so you wouldn't Get the Screen Damaged "By the Way My friend's PSP having its screen replaced because he left it in this bag without any cover on it :D". You can Actually Save some money and get The Comfy Chair to sit on. OR GET A GAME CUBE WITH ANOTHER GAME.

Man, It wouldn't need a Micro/Marco economic professional to figure this out.


btw, this is your mod.
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