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[Charts] DS Retakes PSP In Total Software Sales (excerpts)

The NPD gaming sales numbers for the United States in September 2005 are in!

PlayStation 2 was the top system with 268,000 sales, with the Xbox in second with 124,000. While in third, the GameCube saw a boost in sales (compared to previous months) to 108,000 units thanks to a new Super Smash Bros. Melee bundle and games like Mario Superstar Baseball. Furthermore, the GBA racked up 185,000 sales, while the DS saw 164,000 sales; it's unclear whether the GBA number includes Game Boy Micro sales, and PSP sales are currently unavailable.


The Handheld Top Five

1. Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends (DS) - 85,117
2. Madden NFL 2006 (PSP) - 82,527
3. Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends (DS) - 81,810
4. Nintendogs: Dachshund and Friends (DS) - 73,711
5. Pokemon Emerald (GBA) - 68,490

Overall, Nintendo sold 11.7% of all games during September, while Sony sold 4.7% of games. Microsoft was not ranked in the top ten.

Back in August, we reported that the PSP had passed the DS in total software sales in North America. However, September 2005 saw the DS retaking the lead, with 4,663,371 total sales to the PSP's 4,656,258.

Barring a huge boost by the PSP this month, it looks like DS is still ahead of PSP in hardware sales as well.

Last time I recall that they didnt have available numbers for a console. It was during the DSs drought months when it sold like 12 units total or something. Thats good new to my ears, the PSP numbers have done nothing but drop since its launch so Id say its a fairly easy call that the DS beat the snot out of it thanks to Nintendogs and AWDS.

However, in overall software sales both systems are pretty much neck and neck. That will change when Mario Kart hits, as well as the other AAA titles that are coming. Oh and thats right, GBA is still the king of handhelds. Nintendo aint nothing to fuck with.
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