Shimmy Shamanist (xangelslavex) wrote in psp_sony,
Shimmy Shamanist

Its a Celebration!

This is a moderators note of official community business.

So Ive been away from da net for a while. Moved and such and its gonna be a while before I can get set up fully. I feel like a bad father neglecting my kids with this community. The DS is spanking the PSP in ALL MARKETS and we havent had a real good mudsling in a while.


The gaming population, the general population, the entire world has turned its back on the PSP. In the midst of GTAs release, the DS still owns. And yet, weve had no celebration for our handheld!

So Ive decided this: RED EYED YOSHI is now a full maintaner with the full rights and priveledges accorded to the station. He is my partner in crime. He speaks with my voice. He weilds the power of the greyskull. He rolls on my dubs. He follows in my footsteps. He slaps with my pimphand. He fucks with my di- er nevermind... But you get the idea. He can delete shit now. Posts, comments, even users, he can give and deny posting priveledges to anyone, even me. There are few people that I would dare trust this community with and Yosh is by far and away at the top of the list.

So eat, drink, be merry!! Its a celebration!

Both for Yosh (he is becoming a major fixture in the lj gaming world) and for the DS.

But what would a post from me be without a little knowledge, huh?

The PSP launched in Europe and Britain to great fanfare and crazyness. It out-did the DS launch which was, at the time, the most successful video game launch, Period. The PSP sold out. It looked like another hard battle for the DS to me. I thought to myself: Well, lets see what happens over there. US has turned the DSs way, Japan is owned by the DS, will EU follow suit?

That was in September, right?


Look at this:

October 6-13:
NDS: 24,492
PSP: 18,723
GBA SP: 8,799

October 14-21:
DS: 23,035
GBA SP: 10,034
PSP: 8,000

October 22-29:
NDS: 30,000
GBA SP: 15,500
PSP: 12,900

Sometime two weeks ago or something:

NDS: 35,000
GBA SP + GBM: 25,000
PSP: 16,000


Thus begins a new era of our community.
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