Shimmy Shamanist (xangelslavex) wrote in psp_sony,
Shimmy Shamanist

who wants NPD numbers?

October NPD Hardware Sales

PS2 = 252,000
GBA = 208,000 (approx)
DS = 136,000 (approx)
PSP = 131,000(approx)
Xbox = 110,000
GCN = 102,000

November NPD Hardware Sales

Game Boy Advance 892,438
PlayStation 2 546,096
Nintendo DS 381,619
PlayStation Portable 359,772
Xbox 360 332,121
GameCube 278,284
Xbox 191,320

Unfortunately the NPD has since withdrawn the November numbers as wrong.

But how wrong are they gonna be? wrong enough to put the PSP back on the list? The GBA numbers include GBMicro.
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