Shimmy Shamanist (xangelslavex) wrote in psp_sony,
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MOD note

Ive just updated the cumunities info page a little. Added a few new things and whatnot. Dont worry, I still keep the spirit and insanity of the old page. Just a little more ranty, which I think we all need.

Personally, I still dont own a PSP and never plan on buying one. My NDS is treating me just fine with Metroid and Tetris, both of which I just bought this last week. Both of which simply rock. Metroid is great, but not really pick up and play (which we know is essential to portable gaming), but it still rocks. Best new FPS in a LONG time.

Now to tetris. This is really the subject of this post. I was wondering to myself if tetris wasnt the greatest game/franchise to hit a portable system in history. Think about it, Tetris really made the original Gameboy into what it was. Back in the day that game was IT. It was the cut. It was the stuff, the shit. It was what people talked about. My dad was into, and he was 40ish. I was into and I was about 11. My brother, sister, friends, were all into it.

And today, it is easily seen as the father of all puzzle games. Falling pieces that clear when positioned properly is a staple to really any puzzler. Tetris, imo, is the greatest puzzle game ever because every other puzzler is just a rehashed tetris. Meteos on the NDS is the only one that comes to mind that really sought to change and add different elements to it. The blocks dont automatically clear, though they still fall. There is much strategy and intrigue to meteos. But Im talking about tetris.

When I think about portable gaming and why I like to play it, I find myself revolving around this criteria.

Pick up and play. Number one, most important. My handheld games have to be quick instant gratification. Anything else is really for the console, where I can sit down and enjoy myself with a drink and play a session of Killer 7 or Metroid. However, handheld games must have lasting appeal. If I am getting bored then thats much worse than having alot of depth requiring me to take time to play.

If a portable game must have this element to it, then what game satisfies this better than tetris? I am not saying there arent better "games on portables", but not a better "portable game". Of course, Mario Kart was very good in this regard. A few touches and BAM! youre in the game racing. The racing is quick, fun, frantic at times... It is a quality portable game. I wonder which is better in those terms, Mario Kart or Tetris. As a franchise, they are both well established with Tetris simply having the strength of the ages giving it the edge. And for me, after I unlocked all the characters and all the karts and all the tracks, Mario Kart lost some appeal. Tetris is forever... lol.

I love games these days. They actually got me thinking about them again. So lets hear it, whats your best "portable game" of all time? The one you can pick up and put down in a second, but at the same time can waste away a few hours on for no particular reason.
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