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Discuss Sony's new Piece of Shit Portable

Nintendo pisses all over this shitty excuse for a system.

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Sony PSP features:

1. Battery Life: < 2-3 hours on average


- UMD disc motor, media is not solid state. The moving parts mean that the battery will be drained very quickly. Prepare to buy 2 or even 3 additional battery packs to be able to play for long.

- High Speed CPU = more wattage, more power consumption.

- CPU(MIPS) not really made for PDA like device power efficiency.

- Video Chipset more powerful, hence requires more power. (Sony has already asked game developers to dumb down gfx because of battery issues).

- Performance of battery will not be stable, watching a video, cheap gfx game, high gfx game, listening to music = battery life varies.

- 802.11B, unmodified, meaning no power efficiency.

2.Fragile Construction

- UMD motor has moving parts, more likely to break down. You will have to be much more careful not to shake or bang your psp, lifespan is shortened because of this. Expect less than a 2 year lifespan.

- UMD media is not tolerant with misuse or abusive handling, a few scratches or bumps and bye bye game/movie/music.

- Exposed LCD screen, nice and wide, susceptible to constant scratching, you will need to buy additional casing!!

- Dropping the PSP will destroy the system. This is not covered under any warranty for replacement.

3. Cost $259.99 ($350 CAN)

- Expensive, not cost efficient. People who can afford PSPs certainly can afford iPods, Nintendo DS's and other media devices which do there roles much better. Lack of value for hybrid gaming system.

- Expensive, yet fragile and suspect parts were used in manufacture.

- Price not competitive against other handheld systems, nor the price of the games other systems offer.

- Game prices cost $50 and more.

4. Noise

- UMD disc motor makes sounds, doesnt matter how small the media is or how slow it spins, it will make sound, you wont be able to stop this. Concentration on games will be frustrating if not impossible.

5. Proprietary Media/Storage Formats

- UMD discs have special formats for music and movies. Meaning, you wont be able to just upload or transfer mp3 songs or movies to your PSP. Doesnt work that way.

- You will have to buy your music and movies AGAIN from SONY on UMD format JUST FOR PSP. Meaning, you wont be able to listen or watch the media on any other device!

- Sony memory sticks CANNOT be used with other non-sony devices unlike Compact Flash (CF) or Secure Digital (SD), both of which are used widely by other handheld systems, cameras, and televisions.

6. Launch titles

- NO exclusive ORIGINAL titles for psp only. You will be playing the same games over again with no new experiences.

- Games are simply direct ports of other games, nothing new is expected.

- Games will cost more than home console (like ps2 and xbox) titles. Yet the cost of a UMD disc is much cheaper than a DVD...

...And Beyond

- Still no "Killer App" for the system. Even today, most new releases are simply watered down versions of the vastly superior console counterpart. By contrast, the Nintendo DS system has done much to create new franchises and improve on older blue chip franchises.

- Most use PSP to play roms of old Nintendo games and Homebrew applications. This community does not support or condone the use of these roms, which are illegal. Any posts about illegal roms will be deleted without warning or notice.

- UMD movie sales far outweigh the game sales. In this light it is difficult to even look at the PSP as a gaming device anymore.

7. Load times

- Any disc type media has load times, which is a disadvantage vs solid state media.

- Low ram coupled with graphics intensive games means that load times will be long and tedious (further draining the battery).

- Many games feature load times of 10 mins and more! This is just to begin play and doesnt account for in game load times between levels. Load times in a portable "gaming" device are simply unacceptable.

8. Poor Manufacturing Quality

- Widespread reports of dead pixels.

- One consumer reports returning the system FOUR TIMES before finding one that worked.

- A slight twist of the system shoots out the game disc! This can be done very easily, ruining any gaming experiences. This is true of EVERY system.

- Widespread reports of failing buttons.

- Sony has a poor history of Customer Service and Repairs, will charge you for any repairs and shipping. Sony president has even gone so far as to blame the customers for what are clearly manufacture defects.

9. Controls

- NO second analog stick. This is an important feature in many of the titles being ported to the system.

- The system is large and bulky, making it harder to handle.

- NO innovations in control. Controls are comparable to 20 year old systems.

- Single analog stick is really an uncomfortable "nub".

10. Not a True Portable System.

- Bulky size makes it difficult to carry in a pocket or a bag.

- Unprotected screen makes the system suspect to random damage. Requires protective case.

- Poor quality of the system makes it prone to extreme damage if dropped. It is not sturdy at all.

- Designed for home use. Not truly meant to be taken outside the safety of the home.

- Low battery life means you will not be far from a power outlet when playing.

- Long loading time means that by the time your bus/train/car ride is over, you may finally be ready to play.

In other words, the Sony PSP system is a steaming pile of shit. Once you get past the load times the games are pretty much lame. However, the lameness of the games are balanced by the shortness of the battery. So at least you wont be playing the game for very long. Of course, the system will probably break before long anyways.

This machine has been touted as the next great device. As the Ipod Killer. As the Gameboy Killer. It is advertised to be the ultimate hybrid machine playing games, music, movies... It surfs the web, it looks cool, its all hells yeah... Yes, it does all those things in a most shitty fashion.

- Games suck. Period. The big screen novelty wears off in about a minute leaving you with the realization that the games suck, after its done loading. The games are also expensive, sometimes more expensive than even the console counterpart. Buy a NDS or GBASP and get a truly portable gaming device that doesnt feature load times AT ALL, features truly "pick up and play" games, and features true "killer apps" that appeal to every gamer no matter the type. Metroid Prime Hunters, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Advanced Wars are just few examples. Oh yeah, and the DS just got Tetris, perhaps the greatest portable game franchise of all time.

- Mp3 player? Riiiight, like anyone is gonna spend the thousands of dollars to get the same storage space that an Ipod will give for the same price.

- Movie player... Please dont insult my intelligence. Im going to pay another 30 bux to buy the movie on UMD? Yes, I said $30. Not $19, $10, or $12 or something cheap like most DVDs, I said $30 for an inferior (sound and video) copy to be played on an inferior (for movies that screen is really ickle) screen.

- Internet! Wait no, dont get excited. It still sucks ass on this machine. Most pages wont even load (poor memory, remember the load times?) and yes, you have to use the nubbin as a mouse... oh so sexy... Buy the Microsoft Origami when it comes out. Better yet, buy a PDA. Those got touchscreens to use instead of nubbins.

Save your money. Practice restraint. This product is not worth the time and money wasted on it. Its a fragile piece of shit that does nothing well.

Better Products to Buy

Apple iPod or any other MP3 player. Even a Sony brand Mp3 player will do better. Or an iTunes cell phone.
Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameBoy Advanced, Cell phone games
PDA, Ultra Mobile PC, cell phone

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